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George Kahumoku Paia Maui Island Fresh Cafe live music dinner show

Celebration of the Divine Masculine

​ 6:30 – 8:30pm
$15 ADMISSION    Indian Cuisine Available for Purchase

Come and join us as we celebrate the divine masculine through sacred music and and Indian cuisine. Abria Joseph, known throughout for his mastery with Pantam or Handpan which he shares channeled gifts he calls the Geometry of Sacred Sound. Forest Hada, a member of Sacred Sound Alchemy, joins this trio bringing powerful earthly vibes of the didgeridoo. Singer songwriter Rasa Priya blends various musical styles including mantra, medicine songs, and heart songs as the three combine in an artistic expression that is both unique & Healing for the Spirit.

Shems Heartwell, coach, teacher and mentor in the areas of conscious relating and men’s empowerment will be sharing his heart and wisdom with us.

Pele – Hawai‘i’s force of Creation
Stories, Chants, Songs &
Hula  with George Kahumoku Jr

4:30 – 7PM

Join Hawaiian cultural practitioner George Kahumoku Jr. for this very special event!  Tutu* Pele is revered in Hawaiian culture for her power and force. In Hawaiian culture and folklore, the gods are the embodiment of nature, and as our ancestors, connect us to our island lands. A living force, Pele, goddess of the volcano and fire, is in the midst of creating new land as she manifests as lava. Renowned award-winning musician George Kahumoku Jr shares the history and delves into the stories of Pele that he learned from childhood on Hawai‘i Island. Participants will learn Hawaiian protocols, including the native plants that embody Pele and “ho’okupu”, gifts that honor Pele. George will teach participants a traditional Hawaiian chant to Pele, and as George shares songs of Pele, participants will have the chance to learn an accompanying hula, Aia La O Pele (“There’s Pele”) hula taught by George’s nephew Lopaka Naihe.