Aina Kakahiaka 


 Eggs with zucchini,  onions, tomato, spinach,

and goat cheese served with Island potatoes

Eggs Benedict Pacifica-17

Your choice of Portuguese sausage, bacon, or catch of the day with poached egg and hollandaise sauce served with island potatoes

Banana Bread French Toast-14

Maui baked banana bread topped w/ powdered sugar and maple syrup

Paia Breakfast Sandwich-14

Two scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese, avocado, Haiku tomato, and basil pesto on toast,  served with toast & Island potatoes

The Upcountry-17

Your choice of Portuguese sausage, bacon, or burger served with two eggs, toast,  and island potatoes

Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs-14

Two scrambled eggs, tomato, feta cheese, olives, and toast & Island potatoes


Island Potatoes-5, Portuguese Sausage-5, Petite Salad-5,

Fresh Seasonal Fruit-5, Bacon-5 Eggs-Jasmine Rice-3



Acai Bowl-12

A base of acai puree & bananas, seasonal fresh fruit, organic granola, and raw Maui honey

Green Acai Bowl-14

A base of acai puree & bananas, seasonal fresh fruit, organic granola, cocoa nibs,  spirulina and raw Maui honey

Haiku Bowl-12

Bananas, & berries, topped with organic granola, hemp seeds and raw Maui honey


Aina Awakea


Island Fresh Kale Salad-13

Maui Kale, seasonal fruit, and avocado tossed in a citrus

vinaigrette with hemp seeds


Salade Niçoise-18

Catch of the day, hard boiled egg, fresh seasonal greens, Kula tomato, cucumber,

spring onions, olives with vinaigrette


Hawaiian Burger-18

A burger with cheddar cheese, seasonal greens, tomato, pickles with a side of whole grain mustard aioli

Island Ahi Poke Bowl-14

Fresh raw Ahi, avocado, cucumber with sesame oil & sesame seeds

Fish Sandwich-14

Seared catch of the day served on torta roll with seasonal greens, avocado, tomato,  and citrus aioli   *Spicy available

Zen Sandwich-14

Pesto marinated grilled tofu or Maui tempeh topped with avocado, tomato, and seasonal Maui island greens

Mana Bowl-14

A bed of  seasonal Maui curry vegetables and jasmine rice served with  tofu

or with Fresh catch-17   

All sandwiches served with Island potatoes

Substitute petite salad or fresh fruit-4


Keiki / Kids Menu

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich-5

Mac & Cheese-5

Scrambled Eggs – 5

Side of Fruit-5

Side of Sausage or Bacon-5

Grilled Cheese Sandwich-5


Fresh Smoothies

Ho’okipa Classic-8

Pineapple, papaya, mango, banana and almond milk

Blissful Berry-8

Strawberry, blueberry, banana and almond milk

Green Dream-9.50 

Almond butter, banana, raw Maui honey and almond milk

Chocolate Nirvana-9.50

Banana, raw chocolate, raw Maui honey, almond butter, almond milk

Add fresh coconut water– 2   organic Hawaiian spirulina-1  organic  protein Powder-2

Paia Spark-9.50

Acai, banana, protein powder, raw Maui honey and almond milk



Fresh Drinking Coconuts-5


Café au Lait-5
Fresh Brewed Coffee-3.50
Iced Coffee-4
Organic Tea-3